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Privacy Statement and Data protection

I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and I abide by the General Data Protection Regulation. This means that I need to tell you what personal data I am collecting from you and how I process them securely. Under this data protection regulation you can request a copy of the personal data I hold for you, have the data amended in case of any inaccuracies. You can also withdraw your consent to me using your personal data or request for your personal information to be erased. I will respond to your written requests within 30 days.

What personal data do I keep and why?

  • Your name and date of birth – this is a basic information to identify you and to get to know you.

  • Postal address, email address and phone number – I use this to contact you regarding our sessions and to process the payment for our sessions.

  • GP details and an emergency contact – If I was worried that you were at risk of harm then I may need to contact your doctor. In case of emergency I will also contact your emergency contact (e.g. an accident on your way to the session).



    I will not share any of your personal data with any third parties unless in the following circumstances:

  • I discuss my work with a clinical supervisor. This is standard practice and helps me to work as well as I can with you. The supervisor is bound by the same code of ethics, confidentiality and data protection as me.

  • If I believe that you are at risk of harming yourself or others, I reserve the right to break confidentiality and contact your GP in order to prevent harm. However, I will only do this in extreme circumstances and will always try to discuss this with you first if possible.

  • If required by a court of law to give evidence (e.g. in criminal proceedings) I would have to do so. You will be able to review the notes in this case before they are shared with anyone.

  • In the unfortunate event I was no longer able to work with you or to contact you (e.g. due to ill health) I have appointed a clinical executer who will contact you on my behalf. For this purpose, they will have access to your contact details.


    Storing your personal data

  • This form is kept in a locked filling cabinet. It will be shredded one month after our work together finishes.

  • Your contact details-name, email address, telephone number are kept in a password protected laptop and smartphone. They will be deleted one month after our work together finishes

  • Record of your therapy attendance and session notes are in a password protected document, stored in a password protected laptop. These will be kept for seven years post therapy which is the time recommended by my insurance company. This is to enable any insurance claims to be processed. After seven years this information will be deleted.


    In the event you are unhappy with the way I use your data you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office at or tel.: 03031231113

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