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Online Video or Phone Sessions

I offer remote therapy sessions. These will take place by phone or by using online video calls through Zoom. Remote therapy sessions are useful for anyone struggling with mental health, anxiety, stress or relationship problems, whom for any reason would find it difficult/inconvenient to attend a face-tocafe apponitment.


As a psychotherapist working online, I will take appropriate measures to protect the integrity and privacy of my computer system and will remove client material from my computer at the end of the contracted work. I will not record the session.


How to prepare for your online or phone session


Ensure that you have access to a private room, where you feel safe to talk freely and are not distracted. For example, If you share your home and are worried about others overhearing, you may want to ask them to stay in another room and wear headphones or go for their daily exercise while you have your session.


For online sessions, it's a good idea to download the Zoom app and familiarise yourself with it before our initial session. This includes testing the audio and video. 


You should also test connections/WIFI before the initial session to ensure that you can connect easily. 


It is probably not a good idea to use your work computer or phone for our sessions and I suggest you mute all other notifications to avoid being disturbed.


You may want to prepare for your session by being in a quiet space at least a couple of minutes before our start time (I have enabled the 'waiting room' feature for this aim), having a glass of water near you and perhaps some art material (felt tips, paper, etc) or any other material in case you want to use it.


If your session is after work, I suggest that you take at least 20 minutes between finishing work and starting our session. You might even want to go for a short walk, do a meditation, or a short yoga practice. This can help you transition to a different head-space for your therapy session - especially if you are spending a lot of time taking work calls or participating in Zoom meetings.


If you have any problems connecting, you can text me to let me know. If we lose connection during the session, we should both try to log back in and failing that, revert to a phone call. 


After the session you may want to plan for a little time for yourself - perhaps a short walk, or just sitting quietly for a while.

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